Pavarotti’s hostess marks 50 years of high flying artists

November 13, 2017 by norman lebrecht

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Judy Drucker is 89 and going strong.

She made her name in the biz in 1967 by starting a concert association in Florida.

Since then, hardly an artist of note has been left of her radar.

They are about toe celebrate her half-century in music.

Tribute here.

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  1. MWnyc says:

    “Since then, hardly an artist of note has been left of her radar.”

    Alas, that’s not entirely true.

    It was true for a while, but by the turn of this century, I’m afraid she had gotten into something of a rut, bringing the same (very fine) artists back year after year, not making a whole lot of room in her schedule for new talent. Her concerts became reliable, yes, but very predictable.

    Even so, her contributions to classical music in South Florida were extraordinary.

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