Top US college says 11 teachers were fired for sex offences

Berklee College of Music has come clean on its record after a Boston Globe investigation found that it had allowed three professors to leave quietly following accusations of sexual assault or harassment.

The college president now says 11 faculty members were fired over 13 years in connection with such charges.

Yesterday, students walked out of classes to protest the college’s record.


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  • Well, I think teachers need to be made aware of what the boundaries are – it shouldn’t be left to whatever “common sense” is. Assuming teachers aren’t having sexual relations, I think you’d see some variety in interpreting what “too far” is.
    And you can’t have an environment where the student can’t be touched either, or appearance addressed – there are times when the only way to teach conducting might be to move the students’ arms, or tell the opera singing student their hairstyle isn’t suitable.

  • I thought “protest”, when used transitively, took a preposition, like “against”.
    Another american attack on the English language?

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