A child, 7, enters the Menuhin Competition

November 8, 2017 by norman lebrecht


More than 300 violinists from 51 countries have applied for the next competition, to be held in Geneva in April 2018.

The youngest is just seven years old.

We trust the organisers will exercise discretion.


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  1. Cramped Wrist says:

    Part of the “everything bubble” first noted in financial markets and now evidently extending to other areas?

    I was at a European hotel recently where, by coincidence, a similar event at a much lower level was taking place, and there appeared to be a sub-competition amongst the numerous flown-in Asian participants (of minor age, accompanied by parent(s)) as to who could practise the longest hours at an open window. The record was 8 hours at my estimate. Very noisy and rather ineffective, such as playing a 15-bar passage 50 times with the same mistakes perpetuated.

  2. buxtehude says:

    Chances are good that he’ll be 8 by the time the comp rolls round; nothing to see here.

    1. Simon Scott says:

      Who is this 7 year old,and where does this kid come from?

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