Lang Lang returns one-handed for Chinese gala

June 30, 2017 by norman lebrecht


The pianist, out with a left-arm injury for the past three months, has returned to the stage for the state celebrations of the 20th anniversary of the return of Hong Kong to China.

But he played right hand only, we’re told, with an unnamed child covering the left hand part.

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  1. Alarick Balth says:

    Don’t worry, plenty of hopeful followers-on waiting behind the scenes. But not in China. The Alink-Argerich website lists for the first half of 2017 a total of around 113 “international piano competitions” having taken place in 36 countries, of which Italy heads up the list with 21 competitions, followed by USA (16), France (11), Germany (10), Spain(9), Poland (6), Ukraine (3), and Russia (3). With around 113 x 4 = 452 “laureates” in half a year alone, the world can look forward to an virtually unending supply of classical pianists.

  2. Kathleen Bradbury says:

    The kid’s name is Peter Leung. Here’s a cute video Lang Lang and Peter posted on Facebook.

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