Just in: Lang Lang cancels next three months

Official statement:

Lang Lang regrets to announce that he is forced to cancel performances through the end of June due to inflammation in his left arm. Under his doctor’s recommendation, Lang Lang will take this time to rest and allow his arm to heal in order to make a full recovery.

photo (c) Peter Hönnemann

The Chinese pianist has not played much lately, missing most of March with flu.

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    • One bung wing?

      No offense, LL, you’re just what the doctor ordered to get young people interested in our art music. Get better soon.

  • Not terribly surprising.
    I’m not a big fan of his, but wouldn’t wish tendonitis on anybody.
    I hope he seeks out an Alexander Technique teacher or something.

  • We all wish two things. One, that he recovers soon and two, that we could play even half as well as him! Best wishes to Lang Lang for a swift recovery.

  • An absolutely brilliant pianist. Can only think of superlatives for this genius-
    dedicated, wonderful, second to none.

    Trust he will recover very soon. Listened to him playing Ave Maria this morning- exquisite!

  • When Lang Lang’s fingertips stroke the keys, I feel like I am the one who plays the piano, and his fingers fluttering across the keyboard vividly like a colorful butterfly!
    Please get well soon.

  • LL, Alexander Technique is the best way through this.. You don’t want RSI to return!

    Professor. Robert Bedford
    West Chester University, PA
    Piano, Juilliard Grad.
    Certified Alexander Technique Teacher
    20 years experience ,extremely rare combination)

    l have brought many pianist’s to recovery ,

  • It’s not just his piano playing that’s brilliant, but his character in relating to the audience as being just one of us

  • So sad to learn that Lang Lang has not yet recovered. Such a wonderful talented
    person- could listen to him forever.

    So charismatic as well- a joy to behold.

    Sincere wishes for a speedy recovery.

    Renee Mayer

  • The tendonitis is not a misfortune but a blessing in disguise before he is permanently crippled. I have only gone to one Lang Lang concert in my life, at the start of his career to see what the hype was all about. Leaving aside his unique and controversial platform and interpretive mannerisms, his technique struck me as wrong and disastrous. It is a Lang Lang trademark to bang (with excessive tension) for no good reason and when the real climax of the music comes, he plays feebly. He is fortunate that the tendonitis developed after he has become famous and made enough money for retirement. He is fortunate that there are still prospects for recovery. We should be very grateful that this serves as a cautionary tale for budding pianists not to emulate his technique. Lang Lang’s teacher at the Curtis, Gary Graffman, suffered from a different injury but is now a one-handed pianist. Perhaps as audience, we should speak out that we want musicianship and not just impressive polish on the surface.
    I wish Mr Lang a speedy recovery and for all we know, he may become a better pianist as a result.

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