How tough is it to pass an opera studio audition? Here’s how

March 8, 2016 by norman lebrecht


Houston Grand Opera (HGO) has chosen three new singers and one pianist/coach for the 2016–17 HGO Studio.

They are Yelena Dyachek, soprano (pictured); Zoie Reams, mezzo-soprano; Sol Jin, baritone, and Peter Walsh, pianist/coach.

Well done, them.

The trainees were drawn from an international mailbag of 475 applications. Of these, some 275 were heard in auditions in Houston, New York, Philadelphia, Cincinnati, and Los Angeles.

Just four got through.

A success chance of below one percent.

yelena dyachek

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  1. John Daszak says:

    And this may be of interest too… For the first time, not one MALE student was enrolled on an Opera course in the Swedish music academies…
    Is it so difficult to get in? Or are we losing interest in classical music training altogether?

    1. Cato says:

      Did any apply? Did none come up to the mark? What is music education policy in Sweden?

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