A mezzo victim of the Munich abuser speaks out

A mezzo victim of the Munich abuser speaks out


norman lebrecht

October 17, 2019

The mezzo-soprano Maria Collien has added her voice to the chorus of victims who are waiting to see the former rector of the Munich Academy of Music begin his jail sentence for sexual abuses.

Ms Collien writes (on the harp-duo blog):
As a victim (co-plaintiff in the 2nd Mauser trial, because of my statement Mauser was convicted), unfortunately, I could not comment publicly for a long time, but now this incredibly debilitating gag is being lifted…

As someone who has long been active as a singer in classical music I have experienced inappropriate sexual approaches as well as quid pro quo offer, but Mauser’s audacity far exceeeded anyone else’s…

And still the German music establishment covers up for Mauser.

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  • Ms. Collien notes: “Missbrauch, sexueller wie auch psychischer, ist nicht nur, aber leider eben auch in diesem so verklärten, heiligen und unantastbaren Walhall des klassischen Musikbetriebs und der Musikvermittlung an der Tagesordnung.”

    (“Abuse, sexual as well as psychological, is unfortunately, though not exclusively, part of the daily agenda in the transfigured, holy and inviolable Valhall of classical music industry and music education.”)

    She notes that at first she was skeptical of the #MeToo movement, but that she eventually realized that only such a large movement with wide public support would solve such a deeply rooted problem in the classical music world.

  • ThrownOutOfTheKremlinForSinging says:

    Did she say a “quid pro quo” offer?


  • Laura Oetzel says:

    Thanks for sharing our blog post and for translating!
    Maria Collien has shown great courage, not only during the trial, but by
    speaking up publicly now. We hope she may inspire others to speak up against all kinds of misuse of power.
    Laura & Daniel

  • Laura Oetzel says:

    We are currently collecting anonymous reports about misuse of power in the environment of classical music.
    We would like to share our recent blog post here:
    Our contact form is available in German and English. Please feel free to repost it and share it with people who might have a story to contribute. Thanks!
    Laura & Daniel