German broadcast chief quits

Peter Boudgoust, the SWR executive who forced the merger of Radio Symphony Orchestra Stuttgart and the SWR Symphony Orchestra Baden-Baden/Freiburg, is taking early retirement from SWR.

Boudgoust, 63, remains chairman of the Franco-German television channel Arte until 2020.

In 2013 he rejected an appeal from local resident Pierre Boulez, signed by 160 conductors, to allow the two orchestras to maintain their separate identities.

More on his unexpected retirement here.



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  • He was also involved in the merger of Saarbücken Radio Symphony Orchestra (RSO Saarbrücken) and Radio Orchestra Kaiserslautern (RO Kaiserslautern) to German Radio Philharmonic Saarbrücken Kaiserslautern back in 2006…

  • This man is a cultural terrorist…
    He will forever have to live with the fact, that he destroyed 2 of the finest orchestras in Germany.

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