Denis Plutalov has sent us a recording of opera Madeleine de Valmalète (1899-1999) playing Scarlatti at a time when hardly anyone played his music – except a few French pianists like Mme de Valmalète.

Listen. It’s gripping.

Friends have shared news of the death, at home in Madrid, of David Mason, a singing professor and chorus leader who taught two generations of professionals.

Born in Wigan, England, he studied at the Royal Northern College of Music and took his first job at the Britten Pears School in Aldeburgh, working with Peter Pears, Elizabeth Schwarzkopf, Hans Hotter and Galina Vishnevskaya.

He went on to work with the Dutch Radio Chorus in Hilversum and the German Radio Chorus in Berlin. Moving to Madrid, he served as vocal coach for thye Balearic Islands´University Choir and Alonso Lobo´s Chorus in Cuenca. He also worked with Academy of Ancient Music at the University of Salamanca.

A deeply private man, he avoided being photographed.

David Mason with Alasdair Elliott

The Peruvian tenor will be replaced in Traviata by Stephen Costello.

Not feeling well.

It’s the Met’s second major dropout this week.


On 19th July 2018, musicians of THE INTERNAVA PROJECT were driven by mini bus from Tehran, four hours into the desert at sunset, in the ruins of the 700 year-old Dome of Soltaniyeh.

The towering Dome of Soltaniyeh is believed to be the inspiration for the Taj Mahal.

The group recorded a minimalist work Sus-Septet Tempus by the Tehran cardiologist Dr. Farokhzad Layegh.

It feels wondrously unifying, apt for a day of peace.

The musicians are violinist Darragh Morgan (Ireland), violinist Viktoria Mavromoustaki (Cyprus), violist Miguel Sobrinho and cellist Pedro Silva Portgual, with Iranian cellists Makan Khoinejad and Negar Norad.


Your best guess?

This one?

Or this?

This one?

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None of the above?

Results tomorrow.

Go on, guess this one.

UPDATE:It’s Igor Markevitch.


You must watch to the end. Did faith really make him this miserable?