Principal percussionist is arrested for ‘prowling’

Mark Veregge was stopped by police last month and will be brought to court on June 30.

In addition to lecturing at Stanford’s department of music, he is principal percussionist with the California Symphony and personnel manager for the Opera San Jose.

Report here.

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  • I am also a former student of his. In his defence, he never stalked me, in woman’s clothing or otherwise.

  • Sordid, creepy and humiliating to no end. Apropos, what became of the string quartet member from Leipzig who was detained in the US for something sordid or other?

  • Who among us has not worn women’s underwear to check if a student’s car door is locked in the middle of the night?

  • A timely reminder that a society’s morality, or lack thereof, moves vertically through all the classes and professions and not just horizontally through one.

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