Cello Daddy’s children are marking his 100th

Cello Daddy’s children are marking his 100th


norman lebrecht

November 16, 2016

It was Jacqueline du Pre who called William Pleeth her Cello Daddy.

William died in London in 1999. Next Sunday, surviving students will convene for a centenary symposium and concert.

Just look at their pedigree:

Participating Artists: Tony Pleeth and Tatty Theo, with Adrian Brendel, Natasha Brofsky, Colin Carr, Thomas Carroll, Robert Cohen, Rebecca Gilliver, John Heley, Frans Helmerson, Orlando Jopling, Seppo Kimanen, Joely Koos, Steve Orton, Melissa Phelps, Hannah Roberts, Chris Vandespar, Kristin von der Goltz and Jamie Walton.

Special Guests: Alasdair Beatson, pianist; Lana Bode, pianist; Carolyn Gibley, Harpsichord; Catherine Bott, presenter; the Sacconi Quartet

William Pleeth tuning the cello , 1963 .  English cellist  ( Teacher of Jacqueline du Pré ) .