LA orders in Danish principal flute

The Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra has named Joachim Becerra Thomsen of Danish Radio as its next principal flute.

Joachim, who is 21, has been principal previously at Finnish Radio and the Royal Danish Orchestra.


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  • Are there no nice flute players in the USA? It would seem the big orchestras all have “out of Towners”…. la, ny, Chicago, the met.
    Maybe trump can help the workforce and protect some jobs!
    But really…American flute playing is kinda, eh.

  • I am not a European, I will have you know. I am just some one who doesn’t like the general state of flute playing in the USA.

    • I agree. But he studied with American flutist Jim Walker who I hold in high esteem. Jim studied with Julius Baker. Ah, the Golden age. Days when the flute did not sound like a heartless trumpet.

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