Two Steinway dealers are guilty of price fixing

The well-known Zurich firms Musik Hug and AKHZ Management (formerly Krompholz) have been hit by the Swiss competition commission with a massive fine of half a million Swiss francs for price fixing.

The two firms were found to have conspired to fix prices and discounts illegally on upright and grand pianos made by Steinway & Sons and Grotrian-Steinweg. A third conspirator, La Bottega del Pianoforte, was exempted from the penalty after admitting its involvement.

One offence involved the sale of a Steinway to a public institution, the Zurich Hochschule der Künste.

Some details here and here (auf Deutsch).


steinway baby grand

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  • Krompholz used to be the Steinway dealer in Bern, not Zurich. Which raises the question: If a dealer from Bern can submit an offer to fulfill the search for the HdK pianos (in Zurich), why was a dealer from Tessin denied the right to do so?

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