A music critic among the Paris dead

Guillaume B. Decherf, a writer for the cultural magazine Les Inrockuptibles, has been confirmed among the victims of Friday night’s Islamist massacre at Bataclan.

Guillaume was 43, the father of two small children.


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    • Sorry, but that won’t even cut it for a pathetic BDS foot soldier like yourself. This time, the enablers, you included, have French blood on your hands and don’t even attempt to rationalise that away. The rest of us have nothing but contempt for you, the type who would be stupid enough to scream “it’s not Islamist” with the knife at your own throat.

    • What an asinine comment. That is like calling a category 5 hurricane a “weather event” or a World Cup final a “Sunday afternoon game.”

      It was Islamist, it was Muslim, it was terrorism, it was cold blooded murder. Period.

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