ANUs denounced as ‘indecent’

The never-ending saga of academic back-stabbing and incompetence at the music school of Australia’s so-called National University has been slammed by one of the teachers, David Pereira, as ‘arrogant’ and ‘indecent’. The school has been headless since Peter Tregear was forced out in August. Pereira writes:

I rebuke them for their indecency and for their arrogance; I rebuke them for their managerial inexpertise and their ignorance; I rebuke them for their vandalism. I do this not because what they have done is stupid but because they still are smiling.

There ought to be an enquiry that has the power and the right to expose all of the dishonesty, all of the hidden agendas, all of the meanness, all of the senseless personal ambition, all of the mismanagement and all of the callous indifference to music.

The university is located in Canberra, a boomerang’s whang from the seat of Government. What will it take to get a national inquiry going into this cesspit of self-interest? The Aussie media show scant interest.

anu canberra

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  • Thank you for this, Norman Lebrecht. In most countries the economy, politics, the economy, and culture ( broadly consisted) are the functional elements. In Australia, it’s the economy, politics, and sport.

  • It is seriously a problem that extends beyond the School of Music on this campus. There are major systemic problems affecting all types of staff and have been for longer than the School of Music has been exposed. And the management wonder why the Comcare premiums have gone up. The School of Music is just the ‘poster boy’. Bullying at ANU is an artform and has wrecked many careers.

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