Renee gets a pet

The diva’s in Brisbane, Australia, where the wild things are.

renee fleming kangaroo

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  • Her Melbourne concert was also a sellout. She is a fabulous ambassador for the voice, and especially for opera. Now wowing NZ audiences.

    • Great to hear! I continue to maintain, we should be celebrating classical artists who are succeeding at their work, instead of only publicizing problems or private lives. We hear on many blogs about lack of sales for some artists – but what about those that do well?

    • ‘Wowing NZ audiences’ … really? She’s only doing one concert here, and it’s not till tomorrow night. She must be out serenading some sheep somewhere… if so, we got to hear it on SD first!

      Seriously Marguerite, we do love Renee Fleming and are all looking forward to her concert, which is already sold out.

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