Last-minute appeal: ‘We need concertmaster, solo cello, first trombone…’

Boian Videnoff has issued an SOS on behalf of the Mannheim Philharmonic.

Dear Friends our season is about to start and we’re looking for a new concert master, solo cello, first trombone, tutti violins and violas. If you’re interested please apply or tell your friends.

Die neue Saison beginnt und in Kürze stehen Probespiele an: Konzertmeister, Violine, Viola, Solocello, Kontrabass, Soloposaune und Schlagzeuger.

That’s leaving it a bit late….

Apply here.


mannheim phil

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  • This is a student orchestra. I can think of 11 fulltime professional orchestras in Mannheim or within an hour – though I might have their exact names incorrect (and I don’t feel like looking them up):

    The National Theater of Mannheim (a full time opera house)
    The Frankfurt Radio Orchestra
    The Frankfurt Opera
    The Stuttgart Radio Orchestra
    The Stuttgart Opera
    The Stuttgart Philharmonic
    The Staatstheater in Kaiserslautern
    The Staatstheater in Karlsruhe
    The Stadttheater in Heidelberg
    The Saarbrucken Radio Orchestra
    The Ludwigsburg Philharmonic

    There are probably others – and all within about an hour.

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