A music director for Yonkers

Tong Chen, a former assistant conductor of the Shanghai Opera, has been named music director in the fourth largest city in New York state. She teaches at NY City University.

tong chen

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  • Great news! Tong Chen is a wonderful musician and very respected maestra! This will be a tremendous growth spurt for this orchestra! Congratulations to Tong Chen!!

  • Congrats to her and nice to learn that Yonkers is the fourth largest city in NY State. I always thought it was NYC, Buffalo, Rochester (my hometown) then Syracuse…

  • Good for her and kudos. But Yonkers is a very, very, minor amateur orchestra, so why they hoopla? Not detracting from the Maestra’s thunder and sure she will move on and up, but this is a non-orchestra in the professional arena. With 30 years playing in NYC, I never heard of it and had to look it up.

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