Carmen without Kaufmann? Make me an offer

Our intrepid Met-goers, Elizabeth Frayer and Shawn E Milnes, were there the day Jonas wasn’t. They found much to engage the attention – outside.



There are always scalpers in front of the Met before a show but I have never seen so many and never so well dressed.

Let me clarify however, these people were actually reverse scalping.  Trying to sell their tickets for far less than the face value.  In fact in many cases for whatever they could get.  Side Front Orchestra seats were going for $60.  I saw $240 tickets going for $125 which were then haggled down to $80 and someone with $262 tickets was peddling them for “best offer”.   One woman selling tickets in a fur coat and Manolo Blahnik’s prompted my up and coming playwright friend to say in quasi-disgust, “How about I take the ticket and you give ME $20?”

Full report here



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