Belgian orchestra appoints ‘cheapest’ manager

Our friends at Resmusica tell us that the Royal philharmonic orchestra of Liège has a new general manager. His name is Daniel Weissmann and his prior experience is with two rather provincial orchestras in France.

But that was no drawback. According to official sources, what got him the job was »ses qualités professionnelles évidemment, sa disponibilité rapide, sa volonté de s’installer durablement à Liège, et les conditions financières de son engagement. »

In plain English: his obvious professional qualities, his rapid availability, his readiness to settle long-term in Liège and his financial terms.

In even plainer English: he’s cheap.

daniel weissmann

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  • Dear Norman, you should refresh your French translation skills, this means on the contrary the good financial terms that Liège is offering him. To be honest, it’s difficult to be less paid than with the Orchestre Dijon-Bourgogne ! which is far from disappearing by the way, since it receives now the support of Dijon’s Mairie, starting on the same financial basis (hopefully) and better rehearsal conditions… à suivre, donc.

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