Ukraine and Korea win Helsinki’s Miriam Helin contest

Ukraine and Korea win Helsinki’s Miriam Helin contest


norman lebrecht

August 13, 2014

The Jury of the VII Mirjam Helin International Singing Competition awarded the prizes as follows:

For women:


kateryna kasper



1st prize: Kateryna Kasper, soprano, Ukraine
2nd prize: Ekaterina Morozova, soprano, Russia
3rd prize: Sunyoung Seo, soprano, Korea
4th prize: Elena Guseva, soprano, Russia

For men:

1st prize: Beomjin Kim, tenor, Korea
2nd prize: Matija Meić, baritone, Croatia
3rd prize: Leon Kosavic, baritone, Croatia
4th prize: Dmytro Kalmuchyn, baritone, Ukraine

The prizes are the same for both men and women:
1st prize €30 000, 2nd prize €20 000, 3rd prize €10 000 and 4th prize €5 000.

The prize of €3 000 for the best performance by a non-Finnish singer of a Finnish song went to Croatian baritone Matija Meić. A total of €133 000 was awarded in prizes. The laureates receive invitations to perform in Finland and abroad.