Ukraine and Korea win Helsinki’s Miriam Helin contest

The Jury of the VII Mirjam Helin International Singing Competition awarded the prizes as follows:

For women:


kateryna kasper



1st prize: Kateryna Kasper, soprano, Ukraine
2nd prize: Ekaterina Morozova, soprano, Russia
3rd prize: Sunyoung Seo, soprano, Korea
4th prize: Elena Guseva, soprano, Russia

For men:

1st prize: Beomjin Kim, tenor, Korea
2nd prize: Matija Meić, baritone, Croatia
3rd prize: Leon Kosavic, baritone, Croatia
4th prize: Dmytro Kalmuchyn, baritone, Ukraine

The prizes are the same for both men and women:
1st prize €30 000, 2nd prize €20 000, 3rd prize €10 000 and 4th prize €5 000.

The prize of €3 000 for the best performance by a non-Finnish singer of a Finnish song went to Croatian baritone Matija Meić. A total of €133 000 was awarded in prizes. The laureates receive invitations to perform in Finland and abroad.

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