Fischer-Dieskau’s musical heritage finds a final home

The great baritone’s library – his books, scores, thousands of recordings, his grand piano – have been transferred in 20 crates to the Berlin State Library. The legacy, announced by the library today, includes signed photographs of Arnold Schoenberg, Leonard Bernstein and more.

The bequest was made by the singer’s widow, Julia Varady. Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau spent his entire working life in Berlin. He died in May 2012, aged 87, on a Bavarian mountain.


Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau, portrait, May 2005. German baritone,

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  • Two errors:

    1: Fischer-Dieskau spent a considerable proportion of his time working with the Munich Opera, which is where he met Julia Varady.

    2: He did not die on a Bavarian mountain. Because of their involvement with the Munich Opera, he and Julia built a house in the nearby village of Berg. While “Berg” is German for “mountain”, the village is on the shores of Lake Starnberg.

    • Thank you. There is no Munich Opera. He sang, in his early and middle years, at the Bavarian State Opera.

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