Sick list: Hilary Hahn is out for the summer

The violinist joins an ever-lengthening line of stress and fracture victims.

Her issue? An inflamed muscle.

Her agents have told festivals it will keep her out for six weeks.

hilary hahn

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  • I think it’s great that she is taking care of herself, hopefully nipping the problem in the bud so it doesn’t become something worse. It takes courage to step back from engagements, and is a good example to others not to “play through the pain.”

  • Its easy for those of us who are non-violinists to forget how much physical effort it takes to play beautifully. Best wishes for a speedy healing…

    Hopefully in the interim we will at least have some wry tweets from her nosy violincase…:-)

  • I second Ms. Cooper and Ms. Brown above. Wishing speedy and complete healing to Ms. Hahn so that we may continue to enjoy her artistry for decades to come.

  • I am taking the summer off for pretty much the same reasons. For one, I’m 72 (Gee….wasn’t I recently the “boy wonder of non-pro violinist in this area?” I have a surgically repaired rotator cuff in the left shoulder, and probably some arthritis in the right shoulder and elbow. I just sat in with a local reading orchestra to see if the rest (I last played an early June concert) has helped and I was able to do a read through of Mahler 1 and Wayfarer with no pain during and after. Like Ms. Hahn, we all have to listen to our bodies when they are trying to tell us something.

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