A non-political statement by Daniel Barenboim and Mariam Said

A non-political statement by Daniel Barenboim and Mariam Said


norman lebrecht

July 22, 2014

We have been alerted belatedly to the statement below, dated July 16.

Daniel Barenboim



Joint Statement on Current Events in Israel/Palestine: We are deeply saddened and concerned by the news reaching us from Israel/Palestine and share the worries of our members. During these trying times, we must stress the importance of the art of listening. Listening skills are learnt and perfected by playing in the orchestra. We must remember how important it is to apply what we learn on stage to other aspects of our lives as well. To quote Schopenhauer, “Nothing will bring us back to the path of justice so readily as the mental picture of the trouble, grief, and lamentation of the loser.” In this conflict, both sides are losers. The West-Eastern Divan Orchestra is a community that is built on trust, respect, empathy, and a culture of listening and understanding. These values are the core of our work together. That is why the Divan is a beacon of hope for all. – Daniel Barenboim & Mariam C. Said