On this old video, two great Danes face off at the piano

victor borge lauritz melchior

h/t: Ron Ephrat

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  • He appeared with us in Pittsburgh a few times. What a brilliant fellow! And he was like that, off-stage, too.

    At his last performance with us, he used a wheelchair backstage, sitting down in it immediately after leaving the stage. One night, I saw him cheerfully beckon to the person who was supposed to push him to his dressing room, holding up his hand, and calling, “Taxi!” He smiled at me as they rolled past and chirped, “here we go!”

    A world treasure, that one…

  • Melchior’s voice is still amazing, even at the age he was then – he would put many much younger tenors to shame today! …. and he really enjoyed his fun!!

  • Even though I’d played Borge’s show, I always found fresh mirth when playing again. It was hard to hang on to my violin while laughing and playing at the same time.

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