New video: After the cellphone, the pianist returns a little shakily to Haydn

Many readers have written in to ask what Christian Zacharias did after breaking off his concerto when a cellphone rang. Well, the concert continued. Video of the encore has just been released. The enterprising pianist reaches deep down into his resources – and totally changes the atmosphere. Watch.


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  • Btw, this whole episode has other positive (side) effects.

    I’ve never heared of before, now I’m aware of that site.

    Also never noticed composer Andrea Tarrodi (one of his pieces can be heared in gsoplay), who has written a few interesting compositions, i.e. a Concerto for Two Horns and Wind Orchestra one one for oboe and stings.

  • Can you imagine how mortified the owner of the phone must have been? I would have died 100 deaths!!! I once put my phone on silent during a particularly boring play and it went off in this hip bag I was wearing and sounded like a trapped woodpecker. I almost died. I had to run out of the theatre. At least Iphones REMAIN obediently silent and vibrate gently.

  • In the last (2012) Rina Sala Gallo Piano Competition in Monza during the final test with orchestra

    a cellophon rang. The Conductor stopped the orchestra and………it was his phone!

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