Why Trifonov went off the BBC

There should have been a live broadcast of Daniil Trifonov’s extraordinary Wigmore Hall recital last night. Instead, BBC Radio 3 ran a repeat of his Edinburgh Festival appearance.

Apparently, the artist had asked for the recital not to go out live. He had suffered concussion a couple of weeks earlier, tripping on a step after emerging from a yoga lesson, and feared that he might not be at his best in a collection of pieces he had never played before.

In retrospect, he had nothing to fear.

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  • Trifonov is truly special. In addition to being a fine creative mind and fantastic pianist, he’s also kind of a real live Keystone Cop… I mean, one hopes he can stay healthy.

  • Hope so, but quite understand if he had concussion. That’s not fun, and it can be a few weeks before you even feel the after effects of that.

  • Let’s not underestimate the enormous pressure of the incredibly start of an already distinguished career. And let’s cut him some slack. He’s a really good kid.

  • I saw him perform Prokofiev Piano Concerto No. 1 in Rotterdam last month. It was incredible. One of the best concerts of the – still young – season.

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