Pierre Boulez: ‘He was the only director I ever wanted to work with’

The ailing composer pays tribute in an interview with Le Monde to his friend Patrice Chéreau, who died yesterday.

Together, they staged the centennial Ring in Bayreuth, the first complete Lulu in Paris and From the House of the Dead in Vienna. ‘We worked together with great passion,’ says Boulez.

Read here.

Pierre Boulez and Patrice Chéreau in Vienna, Austria, 2007.

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  • Norman, was that just a natural reflex revealing your aversion to Vienna? Boulez did “From the House of the Dead” in Vienna not Salzburg. I believe the only “House of the Dead” to have been done in Salzburg was with Abbado long ago.

    • ==Is Boulez ailing?

      Over summer, he damaged his shoulder shortly before his scheduled concerts in Lucerne.

      Universal Edition say that he is conducting Sur Incises at La Scala at the end of this month.

      Does anybody have more info on Boulez’ health ? He has cancelled an awful lot of concerts around the world these last couple of years.

  • >