Just in: Arts managers snub Hungarian Parliament

Just in: Arts managers snub Hungarian Parliament


norman lebrecht

February 09, 2012

There has been much disquiet about the International Arts Managers Association staging its annual conference in Budapest, where the Victor Orban government endorses racism and two outspoken anti-semites have been appointed to run an important theatre. Several artists, whose managers are members of IAMA, are refusing to perform in Hungary and demanding its international isolation.

IAMA is going ahead with its conference regardless, but has pulled out of an official reception at the Hungarian Parliament to avoid any taint of association with the regime.

Here’s the statement they have issued:


22nd IAMA International Conference

Following a number of concerns raised by members regarding IAMA’s next conference in Budapest, the board have issued the following statement:

“The board of IAMA is aware of the actual situation in Hungary that has been featured, recently, in the press and has taken into account members’ opinions both volunteered and solicited over the last few weeks. The matter has been discussed with our hosts, the Palace of Arts, in a meeting in Budapest at which the chairman was also present and in a number of ensuing conversations and meetings. We would like to make clear our support of institutions and managements in Hungary with whom our members deal. In this light, our conference in Hungary is a signal of our support – to our members and Hungarian companies who wish to engage with the wider world. Our hosts are mindful of the opportunities this meeting presents to the Hungarian music community and the forthcoming conference will again show IAMA’s role to be a supporter and promoter of the international music community”

After due consideration, the ice-breaker event at the Hungarian Parliament building has been withdrawn and an alternative venue is being sought.