Even odder goings-on (2a): So they're not married after all

Even odder goings-on (2a): So they're not married after all


norman lebrecht

December 31, 2011

Our social correspondent has received an urgent message from the responsible authorities at forumopera.com.

Apparently the site owner and chief editor Camille De Rijck is not – as posted on his Facebook page – married to Hélène Mante, nor she to him. Or so they say. Ms Mante has taken down her Facebook page and Mr De Rijck, while maintaining his married status has deleted Ms Mante’s name as the object of his fidelity. All very odd.

What is not contested is that Mr De Rijck is owner and editor in chief of forumopera while also operating an artists agency that represents singers and soloists. As such, his site is in a position to influence careers. I do hope he has set up a very strong firewall between them.

Internal sources insist that the owner is not Editor in Chief (rédacteur en chef), just Directeur de la Publication, which means that he has no editorial role  – although that’s not the impression he has given with direct interventions this past week.

Slipped Disc will, as expected, keep a watch out for abuses of the kind that first triggered this issue.