The Classic Brits – it just gets better and better

The Classic Brits – it just gets better and better


norman lebrecht

April 07, 2011

After telling us that the artists of the decade are four young men from a barbershop on the wrong side of town, guess who’s up for Best Male Artist of the Year?

A major singer on top of his form? 
Er, no. It’s Rolando Villazon.
Now it’s sad and common knowledge in the opera world that something’s not right with Rolando. He cancels often and, when he does sing, the zest has gone out of the voice.
So why exalt him with an award? It can only hurt his genuine efforts to recover a manageable relationship with his failing talent.
These, however, are not the concern of the pop suits who Classic Brits. They like Rolando because he appeared on a reality show, Popstar to Operastar.
Best artist of the year? Gimme a break.
Give him a break, too.