Ring rumours #379 – Katie wants Wim

Ring rumours #379 – Katie wants Wim


norman lebrecht

January 07, 2011

The latest word from leaky Bayreuth is that Wim Wenders is being lined up by Katharina Wagner to direct the next Ring cycle. It’s a good call, if it comes off. 

Wim’s latest shot is a biopic of ballet genius Pina Bausch, due to screen out of contest in the Berlin film festival. 

Can’t see why he needs Bayreuth. Wim likes tortured heroes, exemplified by his terrific debut film, The Goalkeeper’s Fear of the Penalty. 
Wagner’s Siegfried is a superhero. He doesn’t do ambivalence. Wim will have to give him a convincing back story if both of them are to emerge with credibility intact. 
C’mon, Katie, get that deal done.

(from The Goalkeeper’s Fear of the Penalty)