Who's the next Arts Council chair?

I was asked the question at the House of Commons culture committee and suggested Sir John Tusa as a good candidate. He has run the BBC World Service and the Barbican Centre to very good effect and remains so passionate about the arts that its hard to find him at home of an evening.

John would do a great job of cleaning those Augean stables, the more so after today’s massive debacle.

However, I hear there are more names in the frame. Whispers in the past 24 hours suggest that former Marks & Spencers boss Stuart Rose and Tesco chief Terry leahy are being considered by the Goverment. Neither has prior form in the arts or any notable passion. Past experience of business moguls has been dismal – remember Labour’s Gerry Robinson.

If there is a plan to remove Liz Forgan before her term expires in 2013, Jeremy Hunt should keep his focus on someone from the arts with a no-nonsense history. Tusa’s the name. 

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