New York Philharmonic sheds a vice-president

November 19, 2017 by norman lebrecht


Theodore Wiprud has announced he is leaving as head of education at the NY Phil after 13 years.

‘I’m going to wrap it up in early February, with our Young People’s Concerts for Schools about the Harlem Renaissance,’ he says.

Safe to assume that Debora Borda has soemthing in mind more akin to the Los Angeles YOLA program.


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  1. DrummerMan says:

    Why is that “safe to assume?”

  2. herrera says:

    New York doesn’t need a El Sistema, because the system already exists, and it’s working just fine.

    Juilliard is not discriminating against kids based on race, it’s discriminating based on talent.

  3. Eric says:

    I think it’s inappropriate to assume anything based on Ted’s news. He’s been a visionary leader for the Phil, and he’s also an accomplished composer – something he’s balanced his entire career. One should find out more before literally writing assumptions with no basis.

    1. trolley80 says:

      Also inappropriate to assume anything based on a report in this publication

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