Pianist, 97, is back on circuit after breaking hand in road accident

February 12, 2017 by norman lebrecht


Abbey Simon is back.

This week a year ago, he shattered a hand in a horrendous road accident. He has a metal plate in his wrist.

Thursday night, he was back on stage. ‘I’ve been playing piano since I was three years old,’ he says.


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  1. Torquil Younghusband says:

    Refreshingly different from the innumerable and inescapable 20-something year old females flouting flesh and posturing protuberant anatomical features first and second, with musical accomplishment third.

    1. Geoff says:

      Obviously a dig a Yuja Wang, who I hope will live to a ripe old age of at least 97 and play just as well as she does at 30.

      1. Bill Larson says:

        There’s a million of them. Just check (what’s left of) the Barnes and Noble cd section. 20-year-old girls with violins over their boobs everywhere.

  2. Cubs Fan says:

    Glad to see he’s back in action. My favorite Rachmaninoff piano concerto cycle ever. All the best!

  3. Jeffrey Biegel says:

    One of our living National treasures. A brilliant man, musician and mentor. Bless him with more years to share his legendary gifts.

  4. Steven Honigberg says:

    Why he has never been a soloist with the National Symphony Orchestra during my 35 career with this organization is beyond belief. The system of choosing soloists is BROKEN. Has been for as long as I have a memory.

    1. Jeffrey Biegel says:

      Can be said of many artists, unfortunately. I am surprised he has not been a soloist there.

  5. Holly Golightly says:

    Sorry; I just cannot stand seeing decrepit fossils on stage. Eeeeew.

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