Philly fires ‘too tall’ Sugar Plum Fairy

January 4, 2017 by norman lebrecht


Sara Michelle Murawski has been fired as a principal dancer at the Pennsylvania Ballet because she’s too tall.

Sara has just finished a run of Nutcracker.

Did they only just notice she’s 5’11”? Did they audition her sitting down?

More here.

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  1. Mark Henriksen says:

    She needs to partner with Fabrice Calmels, she won’t look so tall.

  2. Clara-Marie says:

    The Sugar Plum Fairy was about to go on and dance the Arabian Variation…? Either the journalist is confused/incompletely informed or there’s been some creative casting.

    1. V.Lind says:

      Calls herself the dance critic — she should know better. I have seen Nutcracker probably 200 times in at least 20 different productions around the world. Nary a one has featured a dancer doing the Arabian dance before coming out for the Grand Pas.

      And if she got through that — most versions have some lifts — then I wonder what they are doing that she can’t be in. Unless they have also released their most muscular boys — or the boys have been complaining…

    2. Max Grimm says:

      It’s option 3, “creative casting”, or more precisely a rotating cast.
      There were ~24 performances of The Nutcracker between the 9th and the 31st of December. Over the course of the production run she danced the roles of Sugar Plum Fairy, Coffee and Dewdrop.

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