Shock result: Carbon-fibre violin wins 2015 German instruments prize

March 27, 2015 by norman lebrecht





Carbonvioline gewinnt Deutschen Musikinstrumentenpreis 2015

Eat your heart out, Antonio.

This little beauty from Westphalia has won the Deutscher Musikinstrumentenpreis 2015. It’s the first time a non-wood stringed instrument has been entered.

carbon-fibre violin

The ‘Design Line’ carbon violin is made by Werther, of Nordrhein-Westfalen.

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  1. Robert Holmén says:

    That is an extremely interesting result. They also make carbon fiber violas and cellos.

  2. mr oakmount says:

    Perfect for outdoor concerts in the rain and heavy touring. No more worrying about putting your instrument in the cargo department of the plane. Well done!
    Guitar makers have been doing it for a while. Might not yet be ready for the big orchestras and soloists, but hobby and dance fiddlers might find it just the thing.

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