Pick of the Week:

Believe what you like

Courtney Love, widow of the late Kurt Cobain and supposedly ‘the most controversial woman in the history of rock’, has a powerful interest in Sir

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No more Holy Molys

When the meditative music of Arvo Pärt and Henryk Mikolai Gorecki reached western ears in the early 1980s, it was tagged by the modernist establishment with

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Lament for Lady Walton

Susana, widow of the composer William Walton, has died in the garden shrine she created in his memory at La Mortella, on the island of

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Lang Lang gets a partner

The Sony label, which paid $3 million to snatch Lang Lang from Deutsche Grammophon a few weeks ago, has swooped again to sign the violinist Ray

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The war has ended at Bayreuth

The death of Wolfgang Wagner, announced Sunday night, ends a post-war era at Bayreuth that was almost as unpleasant as the Nazism that preceded it. Wolfgang,

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