This video leaped off my facebook page this morning (thanks, Valerian…) and I’ve watched it twice with the horrified fascination aroused by the sight of a python ingesting a rabbit. Everything about this feels wrong. For more, see below…

It begins with close-ups of HvK conducting the opening of the andante of K467 – tight close-ups, as ever, with the orchestra hardly to be seen.

He then descends from the mount and displaces a seat-warmer at the piano (what was the poor lackey doing there? oh, I get it: he was playing the other two movements).

Karajan’s playing is elegantly phrased, as you’d expect, and note perfect. But his fingers are often out of synch with the sound track. Some dirty work has been done here in the editing chamber, presumably by Michel Glotz. We cannot be sure if this is Karajan playing at all. He seems far to keen to wave a left arm at the orchestra, which is playing perfectly well to the concertmaster’s lead.

When the short movement ends, he returns to the rostrum.

Phoney, in excelsis.