Pick of the Week:

Not in an Age

The Age of Melbourne used to be one of the world’s serious newspapers. During the 1990s it kept its finger on the pulse and was

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Sad news from Australia

The country’s most successful pianist, Geoffrey Tozer, has died at home in Melbourne, aged 54. A prolific, inquisitive artist, he tackled difficult and little-known works

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Why can't we mention the G-word?

Several colleagues in British media have expressed surprise at Manuela Hoelterhoff’s direct questions about God in the Holocaust and my equally direct answers in our conversation

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Another silenced voice

Leo Smit, a Dutch-Jewish composer murdered by the Germans in 1943, will have two of his chamber works performed at broadcast tomorrow at the Delft

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The Kaiser's not waltzing

Coming up tonight on The Lebrecht Interview on BBC Radio 3 is Michael Kaiser, in very sober mood. Known as Mr Fix-it, or the Turnaround

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Goodnight to the dodos

There are few heroes in classical music publishing, a musty world of well-meaning mugwumps and would-be minor villains. Not enough profit, I guess, to attract

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