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  • Errrrr yes, the RSS feed is gone.

    Is this by accident or design, Mr Lebrecht? It would be nice to know.

    If by accident, then hopefully it can be fixed, and I can return to reading Slipped Disc along with all my other news feeds.

    If by design, then let us all know, so we can rearrange the method by which we subscribe to your blog.

    RSS is very convenient, and still hugely popular, if a little old fashioned (probably because it can’t easily be monetised.)

    Perhaps this is why it has disappeared… But slippedisc.com doesn’t appear to have appeared on Apple News yet, so it doesn’t seem like monetisation is the reason…

    Hopefully it’s just a mistake?

  • Glad to see I’m not the only one missing the RSS feed. I’ve tried emailing Mr. Lebrecht directly twice now, which has helped in the past, but no luck as of yet.

  • i agree and complement you on your rules.My comments were not personal they were sharing the conversations i had with the directors of marketing and public relations for a major symphony.A large majority of young adults were interviewed as to why the did not attend classical concerts.There responses generated my comments.Sorry for any misunderstanding.

  • I have to confess that I knew about Slipperdisc and Mr. Norman Lebrecht thanks to the appreciation he expressed to the Press Office of Teatro alla Scala. Thank you Mr. Lebrecht.

  • Hello. I unsubscribed to change my email address but now cannot see a way of resubscribing. Am I missing something? Thanks.

  • It is interesting that you have listed Andrew Amdur as a non opera singer. Does that make Andrea Bocceli, Paul Potts, Russel Watson or Katherine Jenkins non opera singers too based on the fact they do not sing in opera houses, but they sing at events and television. I also not the great tenor Mario Lanza was one of the great voices of the last century and does not appear to have sung in opera roles, but sings operatic roles as Andrew Amdur.

  • Hi Norman,

    why can I no longer downvote crappy comments? Why can I no longer upvote others that I agree with?

    Why can I no longer get mad, when an utterly stupid comment is overflowing with positive upvotes, or when an insightful comment is banished to downvotation-hell?

    Is it technically no longer possible? Or is it an active decision?

  • The world is burning.Corona is taking Jobs from artists, but some countries have systems to cope with the problems. Thanks to taxes and a reasonable economic management orchestras in Norway are supported even now. Norway is governened by a party simular to the republicans «over there». For them this is socialism. Well I am not impressed by the level of knowledge of other countries in USA. Perhaps that is the reason why Trump was elected president,
    Al Rey

  • Hi Norman Lebrecht,

    I just want to take a bit of time and say: Thank you for allowing freedom of opinion to prevail in the comments sections.

    You almost always allow comments, which would make woke fake-correctiveness-obsessed pseudo-liberals go green and blue with rage and anger; or comments that will make right-wing-obsessed gun-carrying cowboys cringe with disgust.
    Thanks! It’s rare that comments are allowed that way.
    Yes, there might be the very rare occasion, when a page is removed (I did actually see that happen once), or something might be redacted, but that happens seldom.

    The world is turning into a place where people are to have the correct dictated views, and it’s refreshing to see a place where a variety of differing opinions are still allowed!

    Keep up the good work.

  • Sorry to be boring, but I also don’t receive Slipped Disc any more. A pity because it is always an interesting read. Can anyone help ?

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