Munich soloist quits over Ukraine gala

Munich soloist quits over Ukraine gala


norman lebrecht

September 12, 2023

Bavarian State Ballet has parted company with prima ballerina  Priska Zeisel after she performed in a gala in Russian-occupied Sevastopol with Sergei Polunin last month.

The parting was said to be at Zeisel’s request.


  • Angela says:

    Well. The press release says that she quit on her own will.

  • Zarathusa says:

    Yeah…right…I’ll bet it wasn’t mutual…she had no “choice”…if she didn’t “agree” she’d have no future career!

  • Observing says:

    Political correctness gone mad.

    Did you know Russian people and Ukrainian people are as similar as Chinese people and Taiwanese people? Aka practically the same.

    • Robert Holmén says:

      Chinese bot attempting to normalize the idea that Taiwan should be taken by China.

      Attempting to normalize the idea that people have to accept an invader because the invader says they have a past history.

      One could make your “practically the same” claim about Canada and the US, but that doesn’t mean that saying the bigger one shouldn’t be invading the smaller one is political correctness gone mad.

      • HSY says:

        American bot ignorant of the history of Taiwan pushing for a Sino-US war to assert US hegemony for the benefit of the American corporate class. Yes, a war over Taiwan will turn immediately into a direct war between two nuclear powers. The US MUST intervene directly and deploy its aircraft carriers within the first weeks for Taiwan to have a chance of survival. You might indeed support such a war like the French assisted the American independence, but don’t have the delusion that you can sit this one out like you are currently doing with respect to Ukraine. So think carefully before you repeat US war propaganda.

        • mk says:

          Chinese bot trying to intimidate and normalize the idea that a Chinese invasion of Taiwan is inevitable and can’t be deterred.

    • esfir ross says:

      Sevastopol was never part of Ukraine. It’s in Crimea but was in Russian federation. It and Balaklava’s navy port. So it’s not occupied by Russia.

    • mk says:

      Did you know that people have the right to choose their own government and that Ukrainians chose overwhelmingly over and over not to be governed by Moscow?

      Did you know that there is no objective scientific distinction between nations or ethnicities?

      Did you know that perceived “sameness” of two peoples does not confer a right under international law for one to rule over the other?

    • HSY says:

      I have no idea how Russian people and Ukrainian people felt towards each other. But in the case of Chinese people and Taiwanese people, it depends on how you define “Taiwanese people”. If you meant the native Taiwanese who lived on the island before large scale Chinese immigration occurred from about 300 years ago, then Taiwanese people and Chinese people are not alike at all. However, true Taiwanese people only make up about 2% of the overall population in Taiwan. The rest are descendants of Chinese immigrants. There is a further divide in Chinese descendants between people who descend from Chinese that immigrated before 1949 and after 1949, aka “benshengren” vs “waishengren”. However these people are all considered ethnic Han Chinese and speak varieties of Chinese that are also spoken in China. This is why the best analogy for Taiwan’s desire for independence is the United States’s fight for independence from the British, and such independence is unlikely to occur unless a similar war is fought. I don’t think the situation between Russia and Ukraine is similar.

    • HSY says:

      BTW Taiwan was not a colony of China in the sense of the Thirteen Colonies. Taiwan used to be governed by Qing as part of Fujian Province, so it was indeed part of China before it was ceded to Japan after China’s defeat in the First Sino-Japanese War. I cited the example of American independence to distinguish the independence of Taiwan from, say, the independence of Finland. The sentiments involved are completely different.

    • Genius Repairman says:

      Observing, yes the Ukrainians and Russians are closely related but so what? The Ukrainians peacefully broke from the Soviet Union and chose political independence. Ukraine is an absolutely recognised nation by the UN (unlike Taiwan). Russia chose to invade their neighbour and smash the place in the 21st Century where old imperial laws like Might is Right is frowned upon by the most advanced nations. Anyone in the arts (which celebrates human universality) who chooses to support a regime which unjustly wars their smaller neighbour should be ostracized.

    • Hugo Preuß says:

      Every single one of my Ukrainian friends and colleagues begs to differ.

      Besides, how about Germany and Austria? And if so, would that make it okay for Germany to invade Austria?

    • tanya says:

      No they are not. Especially after this war.

  • La plus belle voix says:

    Frankly, everyone here is missing the point: was she coerced into appearing in the gala in the first place? If and when we know that, then maybe it is possible to take the moral high ground and opine on the Munich situation.