Israelis mourn leading violinist, 64

Israelis mourn leading violinist, 64


norman lebrecht

September 10, 2023

The death is being widely lamented of Yaron Prensky, concertmaster of the Sinfonietta Beersheba and son of the composer Gershon Prensky. Yaron exemplified the perfect blend of friendliness and authority,



  • Samuel Leibowitz says:

    I know for a fact, not conjecture, but absolute fact, that he harassed many women musicians. But he had so much clout that women were afraid to complain. And he got away with it. He may have been an excellent violinist, but mensch? The farthest possible.

    • Judith says:

      Fact or fiction.
      Discerning the commandment of GOD. Thou shalt not lie.
      To spread gossip unnecessarily is also not cool.

    • E. F. Shar says:

      False. I was a member of the Israel Sinfonietta when Yaron was concertmaster. He was confident and charismatic, but always appropriate, respectful, and kind. Harassment would have been completely out of character for this thoroughly decent man. To slander the deceased is the opposite of being a mensch.

    • norman lebrecht says:

      This claim is both untimely and unsubstantiated. Unless Mr Leibowitz provides credible evidence, his allegation is without foundation.

  • Gayle Brown says:

    It really is uncouth to speak ill of the dead. Regardless of his transgressions, at this time let him be remembered for his playing abilities. UNLESS he harassed you personally, (which I doubt as your name is Samuel, so you are not likely woman) for you to speak like this is not only uncouth but in very poor taste as he can not defend himself. As a woman, & a musician, I would prefer to fight of that of which you speak, rather than that of which you are.