Which pianists in her life impressed Martha Argerich

Which pianists in her life impressed Martha Argerich

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norman lebrecht

August 07, 2023

She makes some startling confessions and exclusions in this intimate, subtitled conversation with her late Brazilian friend Nelson Freire:


  • Morgan says:

    This is utterly charming. Merci.

  • Julian Woods says:

    Nelson Freire was a wonderful pianist I was fortunate to hear him in London perform the Chopin 4th Ballade, that performance although 15 years ago stayed with me, I haven’t heard it played better.

  • Y2K says:

    I was lucky enough to see both of them play at Carnegie Hall (2000?) when Martha Argerich returned to the stage after a long absence. He was incredible. Those Argerich concerts were unforgettable.

  • DavidR says:


  • Roger says:

    She’s one of the greatest pianists of the past 60 years! However, there many others who can hold the title, including her friend Daniel Barenboim. Technically, Yuja Wang is all alone.

  • Sue Sonata Form says:

    What a rousing piece they’re playing together. Now that’s real chops, right there!! Whoever said Rach was old-fashioned!!!?

  • NYCgirl says:

    So lovely and such a sweet glimpse into their long friendship which she must miss very much.

  • Iphigenia in Aulide says:

    What a treat!!! Thank you.

  • Dr Marc Heeg says:

    Very very beautiful and touching! Brought me to tears. Such close spirits! How she must suffer inside missing him this long a time. The intimacy was almost a bit too embarrassing to watch. Thank you for sharing it however (and I rather mean these words through the aethers to Martha!).

  • Simon Scott says:

    Nelson Freire died of money hungry doctors. He should never have had that operation.

  • Piano Lover says:

    LOng ago in a book called “CONVERSATIONS” I read that she worshipped RICHTER…already forgotten???