Valentina Lisitsa is banned by Italian Mayor

Valentina Lisitsa is banned by Italian Mayor


norman lebrecht

June 09, 2023

The Putin propaganda pianist was scheduled to appear at the Lerici Music Festival until the mayor of the town, Leonardo Paoletti, issued an interdiction.

The concert, said Paoletti, ‘was cancelled at my express request and with the full support of maestro Gianluca Marcianò’, artistic director of the festival.

‘Our choice was exclusively artistic,’ said Marcianò, ‘but we don’t want to offend so many sensitivities”.

Lisitsa is a vocal supporter of the Putin invasion and the breakaway regime in Crimea. She lives mostly in Italy.


  • Tom Phillips says:

    She should also be deported.

  • says:

    Bravo !

  • Raymond says:

    If this isn’t an example of cancel culture, what is? “Our decision was exclusively artistic” said the artistic director of the festival. How exactly was it exclusively artistic? It sounds like it was exclusively political at the urging of the town’s mayor.

    I’m not condoning her beliefs but when politicians ultimately decide what music will be performed and what musicians will perform it, music becomes less an art form and more a tool of political propagandists.

    • John Malt says:

      “music becomes less an art form and more a tool of political propagandists”

      Just the way Norm and his ilk want it. “Everything is part of the struggle,” is their motto.

  • Genius Repairman says:

    For those people who support the Russian invasion can you please articulate why Russia is right in expending so many lives on both sides and Ukraine is wrong? No references to Nazis or terrorism allowed.

    • Aletter says:

      No one is right. I presume both sides are equally evil. Like crabs, they always fight and can’t live in peace. Russians hate Ukranians, Ukranians hate Russians. That was always and will remain so. The question is how many more lives will be lost in this meaningless battle

      • Tom Phillips says:

        Reminiscent of those who professed “neutrality” in the Second World War. “Both-siderism” is truly a disease in today’s world.

  • Ulrich H. says:

    “I show my disgust towards Putin by behaving like Putin.”

    Woke Europeans, 2023.

    • trumpetherald says:

      The” woke europeans” don´t invade foreign countries and kill thousands..End of discussion..I don´t believe sleepy Putin sympathizers in 2023 will get this…..

      • Ulrich H. says:

        It is not possible to make sense of anything you write. You argue like a ten year old. An uintelligent one.

      • Affreux Jojo says:

        Selective memory… How about NATO’s “successes” for the past 30 years? Have another serving of Proust’s Madeleine Albright… And Bernard Henri Levy’s humanitarian cinematography in Libya

    • Jonathan Riehl says:

      Perhaps you should refresh your understanding of the “whataboutism” logical fallacy. Put to good use by people with losing arguments for about 100 years, and still going strong.

      • Anthony Sayer says:

        ‘Whataboutism’ is essential to democracy as it consistently highlights the hypocrisy of the totalitarian cancellers.

  • Brettermeier says:

    “She lives mostly in Italy.”

    She (and others) should be sanctioned and sent back to the country they love so much that they don’t want to live in it.

    And all of their properties abroad should be seized, naturally.

  • Clem says:

    A democracy called Israel has been illegally occupying the land of another people for over half a century against international law, robbing and oppressing its inhabitants. Yet their artists, scientists and politicians are welcome everywhere, and Slipped Disc has no problem with that.

    Yes, Putin supporters must be boycotted. But the breathtaking hypocrisy concerning Israel must be called out.

    • Julieanna says:

      But are the views of the Israeli artists and scientists made known publicly – how do we know if they are anti- Palestinian?

    • Timothy Kuntz says:

      Being from a country is not in itself objectionable. Many Israelis condemn their country’s actions. This particular pianist is vocally supportive of Putin’s illegal and immoral invasion. That’s very different. No hypocrisy in condemning her. She is receiving consequences for wrong thinking.

      • Sulio Pulev says:

        You, from the west mixing political views with the art. I have bad news for you. This happened with the communism before 1989. And it failed. Right now is your turn west to fail. Don’t believe? Just wait a while… Not to talk that your mind is washed by the cheap western propaganda and you don’t know why Putin “invade” Ucraine (but im reality escape it from nazism and fascism.)

    • Jonathan Riehl says:

      The fallacies just keep on coming! Amusing reading if one actually studies classical argumentation. Here we have the weak analogy fallacy in textbook formulation.

    • M2N2K says:

      Not necessarily. Much more likely, the “breathtaking hypocrisy” is on the side of the “international law” and particularly because of the blatantly unfair way it is being applied.

  • Julieanna says:

    …the decision was “exclusively artistic”? – that needs to be explained!

    And does Valentina, who, I understand is Ukrainian, spread her political views during performances and surrounding appearances? If so, yes ban her… But if she just quite silently has pro-Putin views, then forget it, let her perform unless her “artistry” doesn’t measure up (which I would think would be doubtful)!

    She’s an amazing pianist IMHO.

    And Putin is a crazy!

  • Thomas Mollo says:

    I don’t believe musicians’ political sympathies should be a factor in their right to give concerts. Provided they aren’t put in danger during such events, they should be give you the opportunity to perform. Members of the public who don’t wish to hear them have no obligation to attend; those who would potentially create trouble can and should be barred.

    • Barbara Rosen says:

      That’s easy to say Thomas Mallo, but this is different. I was not in favor of canceling Alexander Malofeev as he did denounce Putin. Now he fears for family, friends, even his dog in Russia, if I got the story right. Malofeev is a tender soul and was quite young at the time, not even 20 years old when his Canadian concert was canceled. Valentina L. stands firm with her views and sides with Putin’s invasión of a sovereign nation- not a peferct nation, a fledgling democracy the West should encourage and support. Clearly Ukrainians want to be free. The suffering on both sides is horrific. Ukrainian ballet dancers so young and others all innocent- gone. Russian soldiers are sacrificial lambs and that’s also very tragic. But Western loyalties have to rest with our allies, Ukrainians. Only in this case, do I think we should ban musicians, artists from performing if they support Putin. By what ever means a message can be sent that Putin’s invasion will not be tolerated, we must send it. Valentina is a hateful person, so why support her when there are so many incredible pianists.There’s Trifonov, a Russian who continues the incredible Russian pianistic tradition. Yefim Bronfam if you like powerful Rachmonioff, Andrei Gariliov now living in Switzerland, the recent winner of a recent Tchaikovsky competition French but Russian influenced Alexander Kantarow.Then the new darling of the music world, Yuchan Lim, the Korean who is perhaps too hyped, but he’s a wonderful pianist. Tip of the iceberg… so why do we need to support a hateful person who supports a tyrant who is killing and commiting acts of unspeakable brutality around the world. Sorry if I got carried away. You already know all this. Why am I here if I so dislike Valentina L? Was googling for other reasons her current views, and I always follow this blog.

  • Sulio Pulev says:

    No problem guys, please continue to cancel Lisitsina, Domingo, Netrebko and other world talents. We will be happy to have it in East Europa ans East Asia where there are no shiity westerns, cancel culture, MeToo, diversity and other western nonsenses. Instead you will have very political correct, with clear antirussian and antiputin views but weak musicians and singers. You repeat communism (which you hated very much) where important was to be with the right communist thinking rather than talented. And you progressed. So, where you go, we east countries returning from there and we know what will happen at the end.