Label news: DG doubles its female conductors

Label news: DG doubles its female conductors


norman lebrecht

June 05, 2023

Deutsche Grammophon signed a deal this morning with Joanna Mallwitz, incoming chief conductor of the Berlin Konzerthausorchester. Mallwitz, 37, is Germany’s most prominent woman with a baton.

She joins Mirga Gražinytė-Tyla in the vanguard of DG’s new conductors.

Her debut album will feature Kurt Weill’s two symphonies and Seven Deadly Sins.


  • Suzy CC says:

    YES! Fantastic!

  • Gustavo says:

    Why is the evolutionary outcome of anisogamy always discussed in a socio-cultural context, causing an unnecessary distinction of the sexes?

  • Alexy says:

    Excellent conductor. Congratulations to her

    • Alexy says:

      I’m surprised by the amount of thumbs down. I worked with her. She has an excellent technique, especially right hand, knows in concert when to conduct cool and help the orchestra and when to give emotions and energy. She knows her score very well and in rehearsals knows exactly what she wants. The spirit of rehearsing is super nice, calm, concentrated, kind, but very demanding without compromise. Of course she is young (for a conductor) and can progress (improve her left hand and L/R independence, more stable legs, I hate the dancing conductors) but she already in my eyes belongs to the best of her generation and can become one of the top conductors if she keeps managing her career intelligently. I’m curious about the reasons of the thumbs down. Did you went to her concerts/ rehearsal or are you just giving them because she is a women?

  • Sam McElroy says:

    Thoroughly deserved. She is fantastic.

  • trumpetherald says:

    She is absolutely fabulous…Played several times for her….Always fantastic,both in rehearsal and performance…looking forward to the thumbs down from some individuals who never heard her,let alone played for her

  • Duncan says:

    Good for her. She came to my school for a short while when she was about 13 years old, mainly to improve her English. She was an excellent pianist then and her musicality showed very clearly.

  • Sue Sonata Form says:

    I hope it goes well for her!! Good luck to Joanna.

  • Paul Terry says:

    I hope she achieves more than Mirga’s four albums, a rather meager contribution.

  • Irrelohe says:

    Only one “n”, I believe.