Barenboim drops Swiss role

Barenboim drops Swiss role


norman lebrecht

June 05, 2023

Daniel Barenboim, who conducted in Berlin this weekend, is unable to fulfil piano recitals in Switzerland the next few days due to his state of health.

He has cancelled Geneva, Basle and Zurich.

He will be replaced by Krystian Zimerman and Anna Geniushene.


  • Alank says:

    If one had watched his conducting of the BPO this past weekend one would not be surprised. As commented by others his leadership over the orchestra appeared tenuous throughout the Franck Symphony in D. Long stretches went on without him providing the slightest hint of a beat. I assume he provided real guidance on what he wanted in the rehearsals but the performance was not up to the standards one would expect from such a great musician. Unlike Bloomstedt who is also fragile at the age of 95, but is still clearly in command, Barenboim should cut down on his performances or retire completely from the podium.

    • Henry williams says:

      Barenboim and Biden should both retire.
      Where i worked you had to leave at 65.

      • trumpetherald says:

        Never in orchestras in the US….So many great players played wonderfully well into their seventies and eighties…Barenboim already retired from his post at Staatsoper. Cadet Bone Spurs can´t retire,he never worked8son by profession),,,,

  • Gerry Feinsteen says:

    Maestro, it’s hard to drop a Swiss roll if you’d just use a plate and fork.

  • music lover says:

    Krystian Zimerman a replacement for DB? Rather more bang for the buck…..Eben in his best days Barenboim couldn´t hold a candle to Zimerman,one of the greatest pianists ever…

    • Sue Sonata Form says:

      Sorry to report that I’ve always found Barenboim a dull pianist. It’s that “little something extra” (A Star is Born) which is missing.

    • Anibal Vivanco says:

      Barenboim not able “to hold a candle”? He is also one of the most brilliant and solid pianists of all times, no doubt! Such disparaging comments are unjust, even ruthless, now that this giant’s health is failing!

  • Jobim says:

    Zimmerman replacement, it’s a bit like if Michelangeli replaced a sick Lang Lang….

  • Pierre-André Kranz says:

    Why this picture?