Yes… YES! Woman has orgasm mid-symphony at the LA Phil

Yes… YES! Woman has orgasm mid-symphony at the LA Phil


norman lebrecht

May 01, 2023

It began with a bystander’s tweet:

Then the LA Times got onto the story:

“I saw the girl after it had happened, and I assume that she … had an orgasm because she was heavily breathing, and her partner was smiling and looking at her — like in an effort to not shame her,” said (Molly) Grant, who works for a jewelry company and lives in Los Feliz. “It was quite beautiful.”

Multiple people who attended the L.A. Phil concert on Friday reported hearing a woman making a moaning noise during the symphony’s second movement.

It was Tchaikovsky’s fifth symphony (could you guess?). The conductor was Elim Chan.

We reached out to the LA Phil for comment, but all we got down the line was heavy breathing.


Fact Check: We now hear from the orch that there was no interruption to the playing.

GO FOR IT: The 10 best orgasm symphonies

UPDATE: Magnus Fiennes, composer brother of actor Ralph, confirms:

UPDATE: Could this be the moment?


  • Donna Elvira says:

    Elim is a wonderful conductor.

  • Unvaccinated says:

    Absolutely disgusting. Please keep your orgasms back home and private.

    • TruthOut says:

      would rather be next to her than an unvaccinated jackass

      • Brian says:

        You mean the same “unvaccinated jackass” who is better protected through herd immunity than you are from an experimental, inefficient vaccine?

        At least we, the unvaccinated, don’t have to worry if today is the day we drop dead from a vaccine-induced heart attack.

        At the beginning of the (fake) pandemic I started taking Vitamin C supplements and a multi-vitamin high in Zinc. But the most important part of my regimen that has allowed me to stay COVID-free for 3 years was/is to stay away from large gatherings of people who are too obtuse to realize they pass on the virus just like the unvaccinated do.

        Look around Jethro, it’s only the vaccinated that are still getting sick! And on top of that, your natural immune system has been forever compromised because of the vaccine. But yeah, you’re the smart one here.

        • RPMS says:

          You may be proved right in your scepticism about the vaccine. Personally, I’d prefer to take my chances with the weight of medical opinion. Where you reveal yourself as a jackass, though, is in referring to the pandemic as ‘fake’. Not least in your claim simultaneously to be protected by ‘herd immunity’. There would be no such thing without a pandemic. You want to have a hissy fit about everything and have ended up contradicting yourself. Which is often the way with those who are sucked in to conspiracy theories. But enough, this Slipped Disc post was not about Covid and vaccines, but something much more fun. Shame it got hijacked by your intervention.

      • Karden says:

        Pfizer salutes you.

    • trumpetherald says:

      Please keep your anti vax BS back home and private.

  • Tommy Pearson says:

    Well she clearly got the horn solo.

  • Henry williams says:

    I have seen strange people at concerts. I had one man
    That said move your head i cannot see the orchestra.

  • IP says:

    But who was the solo horn?

  • Carl G says:

    Sure, the orchestra kept playing. But after the 2nd movement they stopped for a cigarette.

  • Goldberg Variations says:

    Tristan and Isolde, maybe, but Tchaik #5?? Each to their own I guess…..

  • Alasdair Munro says:

    There is that swelling organ effect in the brass section early in the final movement.

  • best not to say says:

    Assuming this was real and not a class project by some CalArts student, this person might be of great interest to medical research since musicogenic seizure is extremely rare, estimated at about 1 in 10 million individuals. It is thought that music triggers parts of the brain associated with emotion. Brain dysfunction causes an abnormal release of dopamine, eventually inducing seizure.

    On a related note, the famous 19th century conductor Hans von Bülow, described the orchestra/conductor relationship as “orchestral coitus.” He married Liszt’s daughter Cosima, who later left him for Wagner. Too much orchestral playing-around I assume.

  • Ernest says:

    Wasn’t there the pre-concert announcement to turn off all vibrating devices??

  • Sir David Geffen-Hall says:

    I’ll have what she’s having…

  • Ed says:

    Let’s hope they shampoo the seats after each performance!

  • Goldberg Variations says:

    Will the orchestra and the woman will keep seeing each other, or was it just a one night stand?

  • Tom Varley says:

    I understand this was not uncommon in Philadelphia during the Stokowski era.

  • climax says:

    The Dude does leave quite a legacy!

  • CA says:

    Crap like this just makes me glad to no longer attend live performances. Today’s audiences know no manners not decency. This kind of trash needs to stay in private. How disgusting.

  • Gus says:

    At least it wasn’t between movements.

  • PaulD says:

    Don’t let her in the concert hall when the Poem of Ecstasy is being performed.

  • Anonymous says:

    In Paris the orchestra stops playing to protest pension reform, but in LA they pause when someone gets pensioned off.

  • Ben G. says:

    There is no doubt that the last pages of the “Rite of Spring” will stimulate anyone’s libido, whether you’re a performer or a listener.

  • Jim C. says:

    I wonder if she’ll ever cum forward?

  • Sisko24 says:

    That would seem to be more likely to happen in the ‘Organ Symphony’ by Saint-Saens. Everybody knows how big and powerful the Rosales organ in Disney Concert Hall is. Size does matter…

    • kh says:

      But that organ is a girl—”Hurricane Mama” as Terry Riley called it.

      • Sisko24 says:

        Yes, you’re correct. Think of it this way: when the Rosales plays it moves us all no matter whether it be
        male or female.

  • Save the MET says:

    Guarantee she had some help and was using a device and her partner was surreptitiously controlling it from his cell phone. Guarantee it is already on her account on Tiktok and IG.

  • Adam Stern says:

    In the midst of composing his •Orchestral Suite No. 1 in D minor•, Tchaikovsky wrote to his publisher:

    “I am beginning to take pride in my works, now that I see what an extraordinary effect some of them make. Everyone here is crazy over the Andante, and when I played it with my brother as a pianoforte duet, one girl fainted away. To make the fair sex faint is the highest triumph to which any composer can attain.”

    If he only knew…

  • Rose says:

    Who is to say that it was the music, and not the intrepid and daring boyfriend sitting next to her who somehow managed to do the … job?

  • Brian says:

    Puh-lease…if you believe this I have some beachfront property in Nebraska I’d like to sell you.

    Likely had more to do with the vibrating egg she was using than a reaction to the music.

  • Marcus says:

    come again……?

  • Karden says:

    In a way, I’m not sure if this symbolically implies the next conductor of the LA Phil after Dudamel should be, or shouldn’t be, a female one, like a Susanna Malkki or Mirga Grazinyte-Tyla? Or a sexy-model-surfer type like a Lorenzo Viotti? Or maybe neither. Someone along the lines of a Berlin Phil’s non-orgasmic-for-females Kirill Petrenko or BRSO’s old-white-guy Simon Rattle?

  • Pinco Pallino says:

    Imagine what can happen if they program the Extasy Poem…

  • Tamino says:

    Clever marketing idea!
    Now everybody talks about LA Phil, and what an exciting event their concerts are. For the sexually active generation! Well done.

  • Unvaccinated says:

    The orgasm happened during the french augmented sixth chord. Now we know why Tchaikovsky liked going to Paris so much

  • M2N2K says:

    That young lady should get a lifetime subscription to LA Phil concerts for creating so much free publicity for that orchestra.

  • Barackaka Obama says:

    Maybe she had one of those Wi-Fi vibrators lodged inside of her that her partner was controlling? I seriously doubt the LA Phil has that effect on anyone.

  • John D’armes says:

    Well at least we’re no longer talking about the “wow” kid from Boston.

  • Phillip says:

    I hate to be a spoilsport, but others in the audience did interpret the event differently, suggesting she may have had a seizure of some sort.

  • Harpist says:

    Not as impressive as the women who woke up in the Firebird suite… (its on youtube) with a scream.