The year the music died

The year the music died

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norman lebrecht

May 19, 2023

From the Lebrecht Album of the Week:

1919 Coda: Janacek, Boulanger, Debussy, Elgar (Delphian)
The title of this violin-piano recital requires some explanation. By 1919, two of the named composers were dead, and a third was worn out. Only Leos Janacek was firing on all cylinders — indeed, on more cylinders than he ever had before. If 1919 was a benchmark, it is not evident from their lifecycles. However, the year does mark an end-point for the war era and these sonatas exist in that immediate past, with no thought of present or future….

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  • Larry W says:

    1919 also marked the creation of three great sonatas for viola– the Suite for Viola and Piano by Ernest Bloch, Rebecca Clarke’s Viola Sonata, and Hindemith’s Viola Sonata, Op. 11 No. 4.