Just in: Leeds piano competition is moving to Bradford

Just in: Leeds piano competition is moving to Bradford


norman lebrecht

May 25, 2023

The next Leeds piano competition in September 2024 will not take place in Leeds.

It appears that Leeds Town Hall is undergoing massive refurbishment and will not be available.

Bradford’s St Georges Hall will fit the bill.

Shanaz Gulzar, Creative Director at Bradford 2025 said: ‘As we prepare to welcome the world to Bradford for our celebratory year as UK City of Culture in 2025, we are excited to able to work alongside our neighbours in Leeds to be part of this significant event.’


  • Andy says:

    The last two days are in Bradford. Much of it will still be in Leeds.

    • Christopher Storey says:

      It is hard to know what is going to happen. The competition was close to being wrecked by the changes made for the last competition, with overseas first rounds , so that here in the UK we heard perhaps one-third of the competitors. This is a great shame because some of ( a lot of ? ) the best music came in those rounds rather than the celebrity orientated finals. If that format is adhered to again, then I am doubtful about whether we will see another competition after the 2024 one

  • marchingdowntogether says:

    Fanny Waterman would be spinning ….

    Leeds relegated twice in one week?